Technical Assistance

Technical assistance in SMD provides to support governments and non-governmental organizations to build more effective institutions, more appropriate legal framework, and more conducive public policies for economic stability and inclusive growth.

Through technical assistance, SMD will offer a coherent framework in the management of public affairs, the improvement of users’ quality of services, the more efficient and transparent use of public funds and enhanced democratic governance are all important which beneficiaries will have the right to expect.

This design below summarizes our areas of intervention in terms of technical assistance :

Thus, within the context of technical assistance, we have supported many countries and institutions in the development of their strategic plans, in the monitoring and assessment, in implementing a system focus on results-based management and in public finance management.

Among these countries and institutions, we can mention a few:

  • The Development Agency of Information and Communication Technologies (ADETIC) through the training of its managers in project management, leadership and change management and strategic planning. Chad, 2017
  • The University of Gaston Berger Saint Louis with a technical assistance mission in developing a 2018-2025 strategic plan. Senegal, 2017
  • Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative national committee was assisted the implementation of their strategic plan. Senegal, 2016
  • The Republic of Togo, supported by the African Development Bank, has benefited from our assistance in Capacity Building in public policies, budget and programme budgeting. Togo, 2017
  • The National Service for Education and Information for Health (SNEIPS), supported by USAID, was assisted to develop a monitoring and assessment framework for communication plans to change behavior of priority health-care programs.

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