Technical assistance

In our aim to promote excellence in public sector management, SMD Policy Management Associates provides technical assistance to assist ministries, agencies, institutions, projects, programmes and other organizations in the public sector. We draw on a wealth of experience and international expertise in order to build the capacity of the public service. In the past, we have been called upon to develop strategic plans, facilitate public procurement reform, engage in policy development, train executives, deliver project and programme M&E, among many others…

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Training and Capacity building

SMD Policy Management Associates offers tailored training for development professionals working within the public sector. The training provided by our associates aims to provide governments and public institutions with new techniques and strategies. These will equip specialists with the technical skills to contribute effectively to the iplementation and improvement of results-based management within their organisation…

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EXTERNAL AUDIT ABUJA, 25-29 September 2017

Within the context of Managing for Development Results (MfDR), public investments are subject to regular financial audits as well as reviews, which aim to certify that public funds are managed according to the provisions of…